Trying to find information and resources regarding

Trying to find information and resources regarding

Trying to find information and resources regarding online casinos, gambling and sportbooks on the net

Yeah, us too! Ever search on the net for two or three quick answers and thought, “why is this so hard to find?”, well, we’re wondering the same thing.
Instead of searching for someone else’s online gaming information and website to help us understand the online casino gambling world, we just created our own site that provides the facts, the do’s and don’ts, and some other great resources for online gambling, including reviews of online casinos, games, software, poker, bingo, texas holdem (hold’em), slots, and more. We provide information on the web’s, and our best online casino experiences

Here’s something different – None of the usual banners, pop ups, or flashy pictures with little or no content here! ……. We have signed up, played the online games, won a bit, lost a bit and provide you as much information on everything that we have experienced as possible. We have spoken to the casinos themselves and brought to you only the good. The bad and the ugly? Well, there’s a bit of that too here, but without the usual flashy pages and banners to get you to visit them directly. What we have come up with are the facts (just the facts ma’am!), not opinions (except in the reviews of online casinos themselves), but facts. If you are someone who regularly plays at online casinos, is a ‘newbie’ and just looking for some information, wondering who to play with, and more importantly how to play, or just passing by and interested in understanding how this whole online casino thing works (or IF it works), we provide resources, information, and tools that will make your gambling experience fun, comfortable, and of course profitable. Because of course, if you want to bet and play with the big boys (or girls), you should know the rules, be confident and comfortable, and be able to just concentrate on the game itself.

Our first dabble into the online gambling world was years ago when, for a friends stag party, I had a great idea of setting up a big screen TV at the location and having everyone use an online casino to play slots or blackjack – well, the party came and went without the online games. Why? Because trying to find basic information and resources about internet gambling meant scouring millions of sites all with the same generic information.

So after months of searching, I gave up until a few months ago when another opportunity to run these games at a party came up – instead of searching this time, I took all the casino bonus information I had from prior years and applied them to the party – it was a blast! We got kicked out of the banquet hall because everyone was still having fun at 3:30am! (More on other parties that I have had success with internet casinos is elsewhere on this site – it’s a great way to have fun, and make some money for your guest of honor.)

There are so many sites (more than 10 million of them) that talk about casinos on the net, gambling online, the best and worst online sport books/bingo/casino – start going through them all – you’ll find they are mostly all the same – tons of banners, and little content but links to the casino’s themselves – a ploy to just get you to play the internet game. I’m not interested so much if you play or not (it is great fun and exciting though – more on this later), I just want to provide as much information as possible on this fairly new, very exciting world.

So what will we offer on this site? – I say ‘we’ because this site has been put together with many people’s experiences, suggestions and thoughts. ‘WE’ also means YOU! Any opinions, feedback, and experiences that you as a player or user of the internet casino world have is welcomed and communicated through this site. We give you means to be heard and we update this site every month with new information, more resources, and any users suggestions and comments that I can.

So, You are here in the internet gambling world – go slow, take your time, and be sure to have fun – after all whether on the net or not, casinos and gambling are there for one reason – to have fun and entertain.

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