Gambling Then and Now

Perhaps it is in this century more than any other gambling has been accepted by more societies with the exception of the Islamic countries. More nations have acknowledged the mutual advantages of holding state-sponsored gambling such as the lottery or sweepstakes, where they could put the collected money into good use while also giving the players the chance to hit the big win.

One cannot also discount how casinos stimulate the economy through healthy tourism. Back in the day, gambling had not been as welcome as it is today. Moreover, one cannot also deny the fact that more money is being spent on gambling than any other game.

Gambling originated as a means of simulating control over the future and was more likely to be present in societies that believed that they could discover the purposes of the gods through magical means. In contemporary times, gambling is used for different reasons. It is played by people who plainly are after the enjoyment from the magical possibilities this game of chance offers to them.

Ancient games of chance were usually those that were played on boards such as backgammon and dominoes. Players competed to complete a circuit of the board, by throwing dice to determine the number of steps that could be taken at any one turn. A good strategy, such as determining the number of pieces to move from one position to the next, would certainly help a player win a game but still, it does not change the nature of the game which is still mainly dependent on chance.

Gambling has evolved to involve both skill (strategy) and luck (chance) to help determine the outcome of the game, especially in table games like poker. In games that go back as far as ancient times, the stakes could be as grand as kingship and the gates of heaven, or as austere as cattle or a donkey.

The monetary value gives as much emphasis as long as the stake has significant value and is most prized by the player. Historically, the ratio of strategy to chance represented how much the players believed that their lives were contingent on the hands of destiny or through their own efforts. At this day and age, we may not be as dependent on gambling as the only means to change our lives. It’s viewed more like a national pastime with great perks.

Gambling is not exclusive to a particular race or has evolved only now as we become more advanced. It has been present a long time and shall continue to be as long as people have this natural longing for fun, thrill and enjoyment

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