Bad Losers Good Losers

Often times, people are tell the story of how they won and how much money they won in a casino. On the contrary, almost none tell the story of how they lost and how much money they have lost in a casino. But bad news travels faster than good news. Ironically, the losers are not the one usually telling the story.

For me, losers deserve more praises than the winners. Because losing dramatically is much more difficult to handle than winning. And as soon as possible anyone who wants to gamble must learn to accept the fact that they can’t win all the time.

All good and veteran gamblers acknowledge the fact that losing is part of the game, and that it adds to the excitement of the game. If you want to guarantee your winning, then there is no sense in playing and betting at all. Players are attracted to casinos because they win, and the game gets more exciting if they lose.

Let us face the facts. Winning is part of losing and losing is part of winning. There are lots of ways to win and ways to lose. I will guide you with some gambling etiquette to ensure good manners.

Losers are certified losers if they lose control. It is normal to get upset and flustered. Often times a player can get angry. But like in every game, don’t lose you composure with this kind of situation. Don’t rant. Relax and let it pass. Yelling will not solve anything.

A good loser checks on his basic strategy if he looses. Check the fundamental rules of the game. Practice money management so you will not go bankrupt. Memorize strategies like card counting for blackjack. Know which method will help you win the game next time. It is important to meditate on the reasons why you lose. Give your self time to practice and recover.

Next thing to do when you are losing is to know when to quit. Sometimes there is nothing the player can do if he losses this time. He will never get back the money that he lost. There is no guarantee that if you lose today, tomorrow you will not lose again. Once in a while learn to take a break. Clear your mind and refresh yourself before going back to the game.

If you lose, leave your anger in the casino. Don’t let your friends and family get affected with the anger that you felt inside the casino. Casino games should be fun and exciting. Don’t take it personally. If you lose let it pass. Losing is not always your fault. Losing inside the casino is not the reflection of your life spent. Life is good, life should be fun.

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